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Hi! As you have probably guessed by now, my name is Silke (SIL-keh), dog photographer, dog mom, treat lady, basically an all-round crazy dog lady. During my 35 years on this planet I have had many hobbies and special interests, but only two have always stuck: animals and art. As a kid I dreamed of becoming either a veterinarian or an illustrator for Disney, but neither happened. I went on to become an art historian instead. No regrets, but 10+ years later the urge to create art myself instead of just writing about it became overwhelming.

So here we are!


Photo by the amazing @soontani

Meet my muse, the second love of my life: Molly Millions aka Schmoopie aka Stinky Winky. Not only is she an amazing model and adventure side-kick, she is also the dog who taught me to be patient and made me understand anxious and fearful pups so much better. My partner and I adopted her March 2018 and she immediately turned our lives upside-down, unfortunately not always in the best kind of ways. Adopting a dog who is scared of quite literally everything was rough and I am pretty sure I gained some extra grey hairs and wrinkles because of it.

Now, years later, I am very grateful for everything we have learned and how far she has come. It might sound weird, but photography really helped build her confidence. All the tricks we taught her from "stay" to "sit-pretty" and "wave" to jumping and balancing on all sorts of things were all amazing for socializing and confidence building! The awesome shots I got from it were just a fun bonus.

Fearful weirdos might have my heart, but I can't wait to meet all of your pups! Big or small, floofy or hairless, timid or let-me-lick-your-eyeball outgoing, puppies or seniors... all of them!


a brindle pointy eared dog looks at the camera
brown haired white woman and a brindle dog pose in front of city hall
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