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Introducing: Maverick. A Dog Photo shoot in stunning DUMBO Brooklyn.

On a chilly spring morning in April, I met up with Maverick the rat terrier and his mom Gina for a city pup photo shoot in DUMBO Brooklyn. Where else could we start than at the iconic Manhattan Bridge viewpoint, aka the No. 1 influencer photo spot?

Dog Photography Brooklyn NYC. Maverick the rat terrier looks up to his mom in front of the Manhattan bridge in DUMBO Brooklyn
The Manhattan Bridge viewpoint, Washington street.

DUMBO (short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is a neighborhood in Brooklyn right on the east river. This area is characterized by its classic old cobblestone streets and gorgeous 19th- and early 20th-century industrial and warehouse buildings. The factory that produced Andy Warhol’s famous Brillo boxes is only a couple of blocks from where we took our first photos! In the early 20th century the entire neighborhood was bought by developer David Walentes and turned into what is now the most expensive and techy neighborhood of Brooklyn. Despite all of the new high rises, luxury apartment complexes, and tech companies, you can still find spots that give you a feeling of what the neighborhood once was like.

After we took some influencer-worthy shots at the bridge view, we made our way toward the river and the historic Brooklyn Bridge. This bridge was the first to connect Manhattan and Brooklyn and opened on May 24, 1882. For a while, it was even the longest suspension bridge in the world! Even if you've never been to New York, chances are you will recognize the iconic bridge immediately. It was featured in movies like Sleepless in Seattle, Spider-Man, Cloverfield, and the Avengers, but also in series like Friends, Law&Order, and The Sopranos.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Brooklyn photo shoot without some brownstone photos. You can find them in many neighborhoods all around Brooklyn, but some of the oldest buildings in the city are just a stones-throw away from the Brooklyn Bridge. Willow, Hicks, and Middagh Street aren't just home to classic brownstones, but also the oldest wood and brick federal-style buildings that are still standing today. Maverick happily posed for a couple more stoop-shots to end our Brooklyn photo shoot with a bang. If you're interested in a photo shoot like this, or anywhere else around NYC, send me a message!


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