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mini shoot


  • Pre-session discovery call

  • Artist's time and talent

  • 1 dog

  • 1 location, within the 5 boroughs

  • 5 social media quality images

  • Option to purchase additional artworks and hi-res images

  • My dog is shy or a bit anxious, is this a problem?
    As the mom of a very very (VERY!) shy and skittish pup, I completely understand your worries. Strangers, the wind, camera equipment, or even just the outdoors can all be very intimidating. We will go at their pace. If this means we need to walk around and get to know each other for an hour before we can start our shoot, that's totally fine! Lots of snacks will be distributed, so in general most dogs warm up quickly. If you think we need a different approach, just shoot me a message and we'll figure it out! I love all dogs, but shy babies have my heart 🖤
  • My dog doesn't know sit or any other commands. Is this a problem?
    Absolutely not! I'm there to capture your dog being their wild, silly, goofy self. Thanks to modern technology I'm able to capture them at 1/1000th of a second, no need for them to stay in the same position for long. We'll get some photos of them sitting, but many more of them just doing doggie things. Personally, I love some crazy tongue-out action! For safety we will keep your dog on leash throughout the shoot. No worries though, I will make it disappear through the magic of photoshop!
  • What should I bring to the shoot?
    You and your pup is all we need to create a beautiful photo, but if you have some special treats, toys or accessories you want to bring, please feel free to do so! I will bring treats and toys, but you're the one who knows your pup best.
  • How can I prepare for the shoot?
    We all want to look our best for photos, right? For our long and curly haired pups I'd recommend a bath and grooming a day or so before the shoot. Make sure those beautiful eyes aren't hiding from us! For our short haired friends a bath or just a good thorough brushing will do. - Please avoid planning a grooming appointment on the same day as our shoot. Baths are stressful and we want your pup to be as happy and stress free as possible prior to the shoot. - For the humans, wear whatever makes you happy but is weather appropriate as well. Solid colors usually look best in photos, but if a checkered suit or a rainbow blouse make you happy, please do 🖤!
  • How do I book a session?
  • Where are you located?
    I am located in New York City, Brooklyn to be precise. However, I love to travel! If you have an amazing idea for a shoot on location, or want me to come to wherever you live worldwide, shoot me a message!
  • Do you offer digital files?
    I specialize in creating physical artworks for your home. Timeless pieces of art to hang in your living room or for you to flip through on a rainy day. That being said, as someone who spends a lot of time online, I completely understand the importance of having digital copies of your favorite photos as well. That's why I have a Summer Special going right now, so you can show your pup off on instagram asap! If you opt for a different shoot, you will get a low-res digital file for free with every artwork. These files are perfect to share on instagram (tag me!), to showcase on digital frames, or just to share with your friends and family. Hi-res images are available upon request as an add-on and are sold in sets of five.
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